Our students enjoy a stimulating environment in the hostels where the pleasures of home are interwoven with a work and activity schedule to encourage them to educate themselves in the full sense of the word. The hostels are homely and equipped with topnotch facilities such as indoor and outdoor sports facilities, air conditioning and ventilation systems, sick bay and lots more for a conducive and relaxed accommodation. The boarding houses are designed to give students private and comfortable space to effectively study outside the classroom. Students are taken care of by an experienced boarding house team that includes full time house parents. The house parents are in frequent contact with the boarders throughout the day and act as supervisors, mentors and counsellors ensuring that all their needs are met. Meals are carefully selected and prepared for proper nourishment. We also have a full-time house matron and nurses that attend to the students’ health and wellness needs. Our approachable boarding officials monitor and supervise each boarder’s academics, health and emotional wellbeing closely.

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